Why explore?

Master your digital transformation with explore!

explore creates the basis for all digital twins in your company and thus enables the seamless integration and digitization of your entire value chain. It enables full data transparency and ensures traceability in real time. In addition, explore facilitates the collaboration with suppliers and customers and enables you to bring innovations to market much faster. This boosts your operational efficiency, reduces your costs and helps you to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

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about the Digital Thread

Why explore?

Are you a company that develops and produces complex, highly configured products (e.g. cars, aeroplanes, commercial vehicles and machines) in a complex environment? Do you need detailed insight into the development, production and operation of these products in order to identify problems earlier and reduce overall costs in your company? Then our digital thread platform explore will help you to achieve your goal like no other system!

Cloud native, fast &

explore enables the efficient and rapid integration of a wide range of existing and new systems – regardless which providers are involved. It therefore guarantees you full flexibility, reduces costs and establishes standards.

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    Absolutely no vendor lock-in
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The impact of explore on the product life cycle of our customers


faster data analytics and decision making


fewer iteration loops




user and customer satisfaction

The three essential components of explore

Our digital thread platform explore enables you to create and maintain all-encompassing digital twins by utilising your existing product, process and company data.

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explore enables the efficient and fast integration of all your data, regardless of provider and format (e.g. PLM product data, change management, digital factory, 3D, CAD). All data is historicized without redundancy and allows comparisons and traceability at any time.

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Thanks to the integrated process engine (BPMN), explore enables the automation, optimization and monitoring of all relevant business processes. This results in a reduction in waiting times and increases transparency, thus saving costs.

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Relational Graph

explore unites people, organizations and business objects using a relational graph. This enables the visualization and analysis of complex relationships between individual entities and allows the recognition of patterns that are not identifiable in other systems.

Benefits for your company

Real-Time Transparency
centralized, integrated view of product, processes and organizational data enables data-driven decision making
blazing-fast visualization even of complex, configured products
connects people, systems, organizations and data along the value chain
Product configuration
full blown configuration complexity made simple with coverage of all potential variants
Full history
compare data sets and time-travel to learn from the past and understand the root causes
Fast implementation
referencing on legacy systems instead of huge data migration
Lightweight operations
Easy upgrades and maintainability
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What convinces our customers

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Seamless representation of the digital thread

explore is the first platform that enables continuous visibility and traceability of data and processes across the entire value chain. It facilitates data-driven decision-making, improves collaboration and reduces errors and delays. This leads to optimized supply chain processes, traceability and fulfilment of compliance requirements while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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The platform makes it possible to display changes in development directly on the digital twin. The instant 3D view, including heat maps, metadata and annotations, thus supports an unprecedented visual understanding of complex relationships. The result is efficient and effective communication between all project participants.

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Time travel and
delta comparison

With explore you can save and track all changes, updates, and versions of your plans and projects. Historization makes it possible to access previous versions at any time, and changes such as costs, deadlines, weights, carbon footprint and much more can be traced in an integrated view. This enables you to use explore to quickly and efficiently identify differences between any data set. Identifying problem situations at an early stage saves you time and resources.

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Minimum dependency

explore enables the efficient and rapid integration of a wide range of existing and new systems and their data — regardless of the provider. You are therefore not forced to migrate your data in at great expense. Thanks to the explore platform, you can already utilize full flexibility on a meta-level. You have the immediate opportunity to introduce new systems flexibly and using standards. Migration costs and risks are a thing of the past!

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Open APIs and fast deployment

Thanks to the open APIs, the rapid and seamless transfer of data from the explore into a wide range of other software systems and efficient sharing and processing is child's play. explore offers you maximum flexibility and customization options and can be perfectly tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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Governance rethought

In order to mitigate remaining risks, our IT security experts will plan the implementation of explore very carefully in collaboration with the specialists in your company. The provision of the many different data on the  explore platform in your organization will be coordinated in depth with you for all project participants and their roles and defined using a knowledge graph. In this way, explore ensures that sensitive data is only accessible only when it should be!

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Compliance- and

explore helps to minimize the risks associated with regulatory compliance. In a new, convenient way, explore monitors ESG key figures and the CO2 footprint. Precise analyses, user-friendly dashboards and customized recommendations support your company on the path to a sustainable future. explore provides you with access to all your company's activities in relation to the environment, society and your most important resource: your own employees!

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Best cost control

explore provides a unique overview of life cycle costs by linking R&D costs (including change costs), production costs, procurement costs, quality costs and service costs by integrating data from all source systems involved. By recording all historical data, explore allows you to keep track of the effects of all changes. Inconsistencies are eliminated and potential risks and costs are reduced.

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Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence

Discover the future of data analysis with our innovative software platform explore. By utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, we enable the simultaneous analysis of extensive data sources — including historical data across the entire product life cycle. Our unique feature gives you an overview of complex processes through natural conversations with AI, enabling you to make informed decisions for the future of your company. Welcome to the era of AI-powered digital thread!

This is how all participants
benefit from explore

Entwicklungsingenieure, die sich im Rahmen eines ihrer Projekte miteinander abstimmen.

Research & development

Optimization and acceleration of work processes thanks to a process engine that has access to all relevant information
Time savings thanks to the availability of a powerful integrated information platform for development
Automated validation processes of development data and models in real time enable the early identification and elimination of potential problems
Improved performance through increased transparency of the virtual product
Entspannte Mitarbeiterin in einer Produktionshalle.


Seamless collaboration with internal and external partners, including suppliers
Generic common ticketing system notifies all project participants about changes and to-dos and ensures a seamless flow of information
Mapping of the digital factory fosters innovation in the production and factory environment
Support of a sustainable corporate approach through valuable insights into the consumption of resources
Erfahrener Geschäftsmann der gerade ein Gespräch am Hand führt.


Quick and easy verification of orders and configurations of complex products for their feasibility
Cost simulations facilitate the training and monitoring of cost key types
Interactive real-time 3D visualisations for use in the customer's online configurator and by sales-oriented employees within the company
Validation of sales-specific coding by SAT solver avoids of products that cannot be manufactured and reduces costs to a minimum
Telefonierender Servicemitarbeiter am seinem Arbeitsplatz.

Service & Operations

Supporting the transformation of product-centric companies towards servitization
Integrated processing of plant and product operating data (IoT) to improve the customer experience
Availability of the 'digital files' of customers and products for the best possible service performance through the explicit representation of the digital twin of each built product
Whether software, replacement parts or add-ons — explore verifies the fit and enables quick ordering
Support for aftermarket and service through automated process flows and the best possible integration in the overall company context

Use Cases

Functional range of explore

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Comparison Operations

Use explore to quickly and easily compare product designs in terms of
configuration and time.

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Supplier Collaboration

Integrate your suppliers and partners into your processes with explore and speed up collaboration!

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Use explore to automatically check all configurations for errors and take your development to a new level!

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Digital Factory

Create a digital representation of your buildings and production facilities with explore and experience a dynamic digital twin!

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Reduce your carbon footprint with explore and support your ESG initiatives for a more sustainable future!

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further use cases

Discover more areas of application of explore!

Discover the hidden potential of your data with explore

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Feel free to contact us! We not only support our customers in the selection and implementation of explore, but also are available as a reliable point of contact throughout the entire usage cycle.

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